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Elevate Comfort and Protection with XPEL PRIME™ AUTOMOTIVE Window Tint

Choosing the ideal window tint for your vehicle has never been simpler with the array of options available. From cutting-edge nano-ceramic to high-performance metallic hybrid and traditional dyed window tint, PRIME™ offers a film tailored to every application. Outperforming other tint types, PRIME™ keeps you comfortable and protected.

Key Features of XPEL PRIME™ AUTOMOTIVE Window Tint:

  • Nano-Ceramic Technology
  • High-Performance Metallic Hybrid
  • Traditional Dyed Options

Experience the next level of comfort and protection with PRIME™ Window Tint. Rest assured, all our window tint options are backed by a lifetime transferable warranty, ensuring lasting satisfaction and peace of mind.

Window Tinting Sacramento

Explore the Signature Features of Our Window Tint:

Ceramic Particle Technology:

Experience a solid barrier to heat with our proprietary blend of ceramic particles, all packaged in a 1.5 mil construction for easy installation.

UV Ray Protection:

PRIME XR PLUS, equipped with Nano-Ceramic Film, delivers SPF 1,000 protection, blocking over 99% of harmful UV rays. Safeguard against skin cancers, premature aging, and skin cell damage.

Greater Clarity:

Move beyond the notion that cooler temperatures require a darker tint. Our multilayer nano-ceramic construction ensures ultra-high performance without compromising outbound visibility.

Crystal Clear Signal:

In today’s digital era, clear communication is paramount. Our Ceramic Window Tint construction won’t interfere with radio, cellular, or Bluetooth signals. Enjoy the benefits of advanced technology without compromise.

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Discover the Perfect Tint with PRIME™

Choosing the right tint for your vehicle is made easy with PRIME™. Explore the options and find the ideal fit for your needs:

  • Nano-Ceramic: Cutting-edge technology for top-of-the-line performance.
  • High-Performance Metallic Hybrid: A blend of innovation and efficiency.
  • Traditional Dyed: Time-tested tinting options.
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Optimize Performance and Protection with PRIME XR PLUS Nano-Ceramic Window Film For unparalleled performance and top-tier protection from your window tint, PRIME XR PLUS stands as the ultimate choice in nano-ceramic technology. Crafted to block out maximum heat and reflect harmful UV rays, this ceramic tint prioritizes your safety and comfort. Regardless of the shade, expect exceptional results from PRIME XR PLUS – delivering the performance you demand from ceramic window tint.


Redefine Your Perception of Dyed Tint with PRIME CS BLACK. Despite its name, dyed window tint is far from outdated. Experience a paradigm shift with PRIME CS BLACK, where modern film technology transforms the conventional perception of dyed tint. This advanced tint not only provides UV protection but also offers a timeless look built to endure a lifetime. Let PRIME CS BLACK challenge your expectations and redefine the possibilities of dyed window tint..
Explore what PRIME™ has to offer and elevate your driving experience with the perfect tint for your vehicle.”


  • Window Tint CS (Color Stable)
  • Window Tint XR Black (Nano Ceramic Window Tint )
  • Window Tint XR Plus  (Nano Ceramic Multi Layer)