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Car exterior detailing

Auto exterior detailing

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Exterior detail

Are you searching for exterior car detailing near me in the Folsom area? Our expertly trained detailers are masters in the process of cleaning your car. Details add both long and short-term value to any vehicle and help protect and maintain the luster of a paint coat.


Our shop offers an auto detail exterior package that includes top of the line detailing techniques to remove blemishes and get your car clean again. The package begins with an exterior hand wash that decontaminates the surface of the vehicle. We remove any iron buildup and use clay bar treatment to smooth out the surface and remove imperfections. The detailers then provide a one-stage paint correction the work through the majority of blemishes, swirl marks and additional imperfections. The process is finished with a layer of wax or a ceramic coatings package can be added for elite protection.

If you are interested in car detailing near me and live in the greater Sacramento Area then we are here to help with your auto detail needs. For a free quote for your vehicle, please click here.

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Car Exterior Detailing starts at $375
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Car exterior detailing Folsom


  • Smooth-as-Glass paint Surfacing with a “Hand-Claying” Treatment
  • Rich, nourishing “one step”polishing for “Swirl-Free” Paint Reflections
  • Advanced Paint Protection with Synthetic Solution
  • Complete Trim Detail, Super Black
  • Complete Wheel Cleaning
  • Tires Dressed to a Super-Black Lustrous Finish
  • Streak-Free Crystal Clear Windows
  • Complimentary Light Vacuum Service


Starting at $375