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Stealth paint protection films

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Unleash the Power of XPEL Stealth Paint Protection Films

At Moro Auto Spa, we offer an exclusive clear bra package that stands resilient against the toughest defects, hazards, and contamination that threaten your vehicle’s paintwork. As an authorized installer of XPEL Stealth Paint Protection Films, we bring you a range of surface textures, including satin, matte, frosted, and more, while ensuring exceptional surface strength for your paintwork.

Key Features:

  • Exclusive XPEL Stealth Paint Protection Films
  • Various Surface Textures Available
  • High-Tech, High-Touch Application with XPEL’s Design Access Program (DAP)
  • Trained and Certified XPEL Paint Protection Film Installation Team

Experience the Efficiency of XPEL’s Design Access Program:

Experience the next level of comfort and protection with PRIME™ Window Our installation process is elevated with XPEL’s Design Access Program (DAP), a cutting-edge pattern repository that allows us to measure, size, cut, and apply your paint protection film with precision and efficiency.

Why Choose Moro Auto Spa?

Trust our trained and certified XPEL Paint Protection Film installation team to bring your vision to life. XPEL has streamlined the estimation process, making it easy for us to assess the work required for your chosen PPF package.

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