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Vinyl stylizing

Moro Auto Spa offers car wrap and chrome delete services. These services offer full color customization over one’s car and allow emblems and chrome accents to match the color of the paint.


From Logos to stripes and chrome we wrap your car in vinyl wrap to customize portions or the entirety of the vehicle. We carry wraps from 3M, Avery and Vivid for elite vinyl wrap protection.

One of the many pros of adding vinyl to your vehicle is that any wrap can be easily removed down the line. Customers are able to swap out one color for another color to match their favorite hue. Our shop uses a custom plotter to perfectly match the exact dimensions of your area. These vinyl wraps are perfectly suited for the individual interested in “blacking out” their vehicle or for someone who wants a colored roof or new color all over their vehicle. Car wrap services are cheaper than paint and are very durable.

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  • Chrome Delete Options
  • Full Color Control & Customization