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To protect your car’s interior and inhabitants from the sun

Your car, even better than new

With our Car Detailing Sacramento and Car Paint Protection services.

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Car Detailing Sacramento


Car Detailing Sacramento – At Moro Auto Spa and Car Detailing Folsom we emphasize value over everything. We protect vehicles from the contaminants of the region and add value with paint protection services. We shield every component on vehicles including the interior, exterior, wheels, plastics, and windows. Our shop separates ourselves from the competition with our complimentary shuttle service within Folsom and even offer towing services for high end detailing services. With decades of combined experience in the auto detailing industry, we bring our expertise to auto details, paint protection, window tint and marine services. Our two locations offer something for everyone and our high end products and customer service deliver the best quality to our customers.

Moro Auto Spa

Our services

Car Detailing Sacramento

Car detailing Sacramento

Moro Detailing provides the car cleaning Folsom needs for that head turning, perfect shine.

Vinyl wrap

Vinyl wraps

One of the many pros of adding vinyl to your vehicle is that any wrap can be easily removed.

Window tinting

Window tinting

Operating a window tinting business in Folsom is no easy task.

Ceramic coating

Ceramic coating

Ceramic Pro that adds a layer, or multiple layers, of paint protection polish.

Clear bra

Paint Protection Film

Discover Ultimate Paint Protection with XPEL Self-Healing Paint Protection Film (PPF).

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Unmatched quality of service

We deliver a premium quality service and our reputation speaks for itself. We do not settle for anything other than perfection.

  • Top of the line paint coating products
  • Year round clear bra materials
  • UV blocking window tint films
  • Highly experienced installers
  • Luxury auto detail services
  • Complimentary shuttle service
  • We detail some of Sacramento County’s finest vehicles
  • We have strong customer loyalty

True industry innovators

Moro Detailing is an auto detailing pioneer. With brands like 3M, Suntek, Ceramic Pro and XPEL this shop uses the newest technologies in the constantly evolving detailing industry.

“Craftsmanship and customer service is second to none. I’ve been coming here, and intend to continue coming to Moro Detailing, for all my auto detailing needs!”

Ultimate paint protection

Our shop uses top of the line products to protect what matters most.  Ceramic Pro 9H preserves your vehicle’s surface in all environments.  Shield your vehicle from the diverse climate of California. From the Pacific to the Sierras and everything in between, Moro Detailing protects your investment.

  • Our coating protects from corrosion and fading
  • Our clear bra protects from rock chips and scratches
  • Our window tint protects the interior from the sun

Why is paint protection important?

Intelligent car owners understand the importance of staying on top of their car’s mechanical maintenance to extend the lives of their vehicles. Regularly scheduled maintenance and oil changes greatly increases the life of a vehicle. But what some people don’t consider is how protecting paint of a vehicle can drastically improve the resale value of a vehicle. Every day your car is exposed to blemish causing environmental contaminants. From brake dust, water buildup, dirt and insect acids a car’s exterior is constantly exposed to blemishes that compromise the coat. With the addition of paint protection a vehicle gains a nano-ceramic or polyurethane shield that keeps the paint in pristine condition. Trust your Car Detailing Sacramento Shop.

We offer two forms of paint protection at our facilities. XPEL is a nano-ceramic shield that hardens on your vehicle and acts as a ceramic case around the paint. Clear Bra, or Paint Protection Film, is a polyurethane shield with elite protection from rock chips, dirt, insect acids and tree sap. Both of these forms of paint protection go on clear and are nearly invisible to the naked eye. If you are a car enthusiast we offer packages backed by lifetime warranties. If you’re new to paint protection we offer introductory packages as well. Our mission at Moro Car Detailing Sacramento is to protect your vehicle. Protection is what we do best and we strive to protect your investment.

Car Detailing Sacramento