What is paint correction & how does it work?

Oct 16, 2023Car Paint Protection

A brand-new car always looks beautiful because of the fresh paint color. However, after a few months of driving, you begin to notice the scratches, swirl marks & cracks that further result in natural wear and tear. We all know that marks, scratches, and other blemishes can make the vehicle less appealing. So, is your car in this position? If yes, auto paint correction can save your day. Here, we have compiled a detailed process that will guide you on how auto paint correction works.

What do you mean by paint correction, and what is car paint?

Paint correction is referred to as the auto detailing procedure, which eliminates minor scratches and swirl marks along with other blemishes on the vehicle. The auto sport detailing process is performed by using specialized machines and polishing the compounds to slowly eliminate the microscopic layer of the clear coating until the surface is smoother.

Once the auto paint correction is done, your vehicle will no longer have any swirl marks, scratches, and other imperfections. Let’s check how it works.

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What is paint correction & how does it work? 1

How does auto paint correction work, and what are the processes involved?

The typical paint correction process contains an electric polisher, microfiber buffing, along with other special buffing compounds. Here are some processes involved in paint correction.

  • Clean the area where you want to work 

In order to get the best Auto sport detailing result, it’s necessary to eliminate all the contaminants on the surface of the affected area prior to paint correction. Begin with a decontamination procedure to eliminate the dirt, insects, and sap that can damage the paint correction stages. When you hire a professional detailer, they use iron or fallout remover and decontamination spray. It ensures deep cleaning down to the microscopic level. It will also decrease the chances of damaging the car paint. It is necessary to wash a vehicle before doing any sort of decontamination treatment.

  • Determine the scratched surface.

When the paint is clean, it’s time to evaluate the scratched surface to understand the extent of damage. After analysis, you can know how deep your scratch is and which type of tools should be used. Here are some good ways to analyze the scratches. 

  1. If you can’t catch the surface of the scratch through your nails, it means only the clear coat was damaged. So, this scratch can be fixed through the swirl removers.
  2. If the metal part of your car is visible completely, it means the base coat has been damaged. This type of damage is deeper, and it takes something more than clear coat restoration.
  • Lever your surface

You need the microfiber cutting pad set in order to properly level a surface using the process below. Apply the cutting compound on the electric polisher & buff it into the area. Keep buffing it in the forward & backward motion. When the cutting pad will wear out, then replace it with a fresh one. In order to achieve the best result, replace your cutting pad after every 6 square feet to avoid the scratch worse.

  • Polish the surface

You should use the car polish to eliminate the scratches and other blemishes on the car paint when retaining the actual color of the car. It takes multiple polishing stages to get the job done. In this step, you can remove the deeper scratches.

  • Recoating the car

When the polishing is complete, you must apply the layer of reinforcement through a clear coating. Recoating of car saves your vehicle from scratches & gives protection from UV rays and other environmental factors.

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