An Ultimate Car Window Tint Guide

Oct 11, 2023Automotive Window Tint

Keeping the car’s interior cool during the summer is tough. Here, we introduce the different types of tints and types of tint options which is best for car individual applications.

No matter where you live, the constant UV rays amplified through glass create a sauna effect. To combat this issue, the vehicle owners contact a team of professional detailers for window car tinting. Window tinting for cars comes in a variety of shades and materials with unique attributes. Some car tints are transparent and designed to enhance visual enhancement, whereas there are some other car tints installed with infrared protection with superior clarity. Here in this post, we have detailed an overview of tint options for cars

What are the car window tinting types you can use?

Do you know that there are more than 1,000 individual blends of window tints for cars on the market? As you know, there are multiple options, so choosing the right tint film is usually a time-consuming & frustrating process. There are 6 different types of top-notch tinting car windows. Each grade of tinting comes with different benefits. Here, we share the best window tints for automotive applications.

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An Ultimate Car Window Tint Guide 1
  • Dyed Window Tint

For those who are looking for the entry point of top-notch tinting film, the dyed variants offer an affordable option. The major attribute of this tint is to block sunlight via multiple infused dye layers, which absorbs the solar heat & minimizes the potential of maximizing cabin temperature. However, it doesn’t offer protection against UV exposure. This tint is available in multiple Opacity levels that make it better visual enhancement window tinting.

  • Metalized Window Tint

The second level of car window tint is the metalized materials. Instead of using dyes, the film is infused with the small particles of metals that block the sunlight. A metalized tint produces a rich shine and luster. But also offers added strength to the window that minimizes the window shattering windows. A metalized offers several benefits, which include an effective solution to block heat from entering the cabin.

  • Metallic Tint film & Hybrid film

If you are looking for the best of both tints above, the hybrid tint is a good option. This type of window tint is mostly comprised of grey dye & titanium metallic flakes. This type of tint film does not look very dark & reflective. This tint offers the best solution to block UV rays and minimize sun exposure. 

  • Carbon Tint Film

The carbon-infused window tint is elevated, and it has various benefits. This tint comes with a matte finishing look, which helps to block 40% of infrared radiation. It is also good for blocking UV exposure that leads to fading and aging of interior materials, which includes leather seats and dashboards.

  • Crystalline window tint

Several car owners prefer cooling & protective attributes of window tint options for cars without any darkening effects. You can prefer the crystalline window tint that is designed to block the UV and infrared radiation. By installing this tint, you can keep your vehicle cool from inside by minimizing the extended wear and tear. 

  • Ceramic window tint

Ceramic-infused tinting is produced by using small ceramic-based particles, which are highly non-conductive. This window tint can block 50% of solar heat without any visibility. This tint offers an exceptional amount of shatter resistance and minimizes fading by effectively blocking 99.9 percent of UV exposure. 

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