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Ceramic Pro vinyl and ppf

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Ceramic Pro vinyl & ppl

Paint Protection Near Me – Have a vinyl or a paint protection film (PPF) package on your vehicle? Moro Detailing offers ceramic pro coatings specifically designed for these coatings.


This coating provides top of the line coating options for vehicles with specialized wraps and this formula is backed by proven results.

The Ceramic Pro Vinyl & PPF package begins with a base coat of Ceramic Pro PPF and vinyl and a top coat to protect your wrap from the elements. The hydrophobic coating adds an easy to clean and easy to maintain dimension. Added UV protection, durability and surface protection that prolongs the life of your existing vinyl or paint protection film.

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Ceramic Pro vinyl and ppf


  • Ceramic Pro PPF Added to Existing Paint Protection Film
  • Added Hydrophobicity
  • Prolonged Life of PPF