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Clear bra full front kit

Clear bra full front kit

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The Full Front Package is one of the most popular paint protection film we offer, and provides the clear bra Folsom needs to protect their paint.


Clear Bra provides added protection from rock chips, road salt, insect acids, scratches, minor dings, brake dust and environmental fallout. This protection results in an easier to clean car that possesses self-healing properties and a higher resale value. What does this mean for you? It means that minor rock chips and insect acids that once got caked onto your grill are a thing of the past! If a rock chip comes into contact with the vehicle, the self-healing top coat literally repairs itself once parked in the sun or a heated garage.

The Full Front Package is ideal for vehicles that sit high on the road(SUV’s or Trucks) or for the car that requires protection from prone areas. The package includes paint protection on the entire hood of the vehicle, full fender protection and wrapped edges, full bumper protection, side mirrors, headlights, dirt cups and rear luggage area.

At Moro Detailing we offer elite paint protection package for the clear bra Folsom needs.

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Clear bra full front kit Folsom


  • ll Bumper Protection
  • Full Headlight Protection
  • Full Hood Protection
  • Full Fender Protection
  • Rear Luggage Area Protection
  • Wrapped Edges
  • Side Mirror Protection