Window Tinting Standard Tint

Standard Tint

Window Tinting Folsom

Moro Detailing provides the window tinting Folsom needs. Window tint provides added style, privacy and heat rejection. The standard tint provides added privacy, heat resistance, style and shatterproof technology. We have different shades of tint available and offer brands including 3M and Suntek.

In the summer in Folsom the temperature regularly hit triple digits. If you’ve ever parked in a parking lot with minimal shade you might have been burned by the seat or seatbelt upon your return to the car. This is where tint comes in. Our standard tint is the introductory tint film offered and provides heat rejection properties that keep your vehicle cooler. This protection film is non-reflective, non-metal and never interferes with radio, Bluetooth or cellular signals. With over 97% of UV-A and a lifetime manufacturer warranty against adhesive failure, peeling and delamination, fading and cracking issues are a thing of the past. For a free quote for your vehicle, please click here.

Included in Package

  • Non-reflective
  • 97% of UV rays blocked
  • Heat Rejection
  • Added Privacy
ceramic car coating on silver jeep
The best way to protect your investment!

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