Auto Detailing Ultimate Package


Interior & Exterior Detailing

The Interior & Exterior package provides top of the line auto detailing Folsom needs for elite shine and protection. In the greater Folsom area we have variable seasons that provide high fluctuations in temperatures. From freezing winter nights to summer days that regularly touch the triple digits, our cars are exposed to a lot. But with the Interior and Exterior Package offered we rejuvenate your vehicle, and provide both short term and long term options to keep your vehicle protected. The Interior and Exterior Package is the premier detailing package offered at our shop. As an added convenience to our customers we provide complimentary shuttle service to anywhere in Folsom while your vehicle is worked on in our shop.

Interior Detail

The package begins with a full interior detail that includes a shampoo of the interior including the carpets, seats and upholstery. The headliner is steam cleaned and we wipe down all of the vents, consoles, steering wheels, dash glove box and any other non-cloth or leather surface with decontamination products. For the seats our detailers use either cloth or leather treatment to clean and dress the seated surface. If you’ve suffered an interior spill or have fallen victim to a lingering interior stench, this package provides the interior and the exterior auto detailing Folsom needs.

Exterior Detail

The exterior detail component of this package includes detailing practices to remove blemishes from the paints surface. The package includes an exterior hand wash and decontamination process that removes, blemishes, swirling, marring and scratching. Simply put this package gets your car clean again! We remove iron buildup and environmental fallout with our clay bar treatment and remove imperfections. Our expert detailers also perform a one-stage paint correction that removes minor scratching and additional blemishes from the surface. The detailers also add a layer of wax and can perform a ceramic coating upgrade for elite protection.

With the services offered at our shop we provide the auto detailing Folsom needs to look great. For a free Interior & Exterior Detail quote for your vehicle, please click here.

Included in Package


  • Ultra Plush Upholstery & Carpets
  • Rubber Mats Cleaned & Revived
  • Dashboard, Panels, Vents Cleaned & Shined
  • Complete Vinyl Detailing & UV Protection
  • Meguiar’s Rich Leather Treatment



  • Brilliant Wheel Cleaning
  • Smooth Surface Clay Treatment
  • “Swirl-free” Paint Reflections
  • Advanced Paint Protection
  • Complete Trim Detail
  • Super Black, Lustrous Tires
  • Streak Free, Crystal Clear Windows
The best way to protect your investment!

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